We, The Indians

sad-cricket-indian-fansOne more overseas loss and one more time will we start hearing that ‘the captain needs to step down’. If we were to go by public opinion, we will end up rotating captains faster than Sreesanths’ capability to rotate his hobbies.

Virat Kohli walks from the pitch after losing his wicket at Old Trafford.
Virat Kohli walks from the pitch after losing his wicket at Old Trafford.

Wait the stupidity doesn’t end here. We Indians have a habit of giving credit to a woman, be it with the phrase ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ to ‘Behind every unsuccessful man is also a woman’. No I am not talking about ‘RaGa and Madamji’ nor our elders who blame the boys’ girlfriends for the boy not getting a 98% but only 97.95%. Be it Yuvi while his form dipped to Kohli presently who has found love in the eyes of Anushka. For someone who was being tipped as the next big thing in cricket for his recent form in ODIs, no one ever even thought about Anushka then. Fine so what if one surgery did not go in Anushka’s favour, but to take revenge with her by blaming Kohli’s dip in form on her, reminds of a childhood saying, “Kare koi, Bhare koi”. So much so that this Indian mindset has forced poor Bhuvi to reconsider getting into a relation thanks to his stupendous form presently.

Coming to the point where people are asking for a total overhaul in the team and to get Sanju Samson and Naman Ojha and even our talented Rohit Sharma back in the squad. Let me draw an analogy here with Manchester United’s performance in the last season. The same team that won the premier league comfortably, was struggling to finish in the top 7. The reason was not the change of manager but a change of mindset. Had changing the whole team after every disappointing outgoing worked, Tottenham would have won the premier league at least 5 times. Jokes apart, what really needs to be done at the next team meeting, apart from asking Sir to get injured in the upcoming practice session, is to remind them that they do possess the guts and the talent to face the swinging ball. Yes of-course Pujara, Kohli, Dhawan have struggled but lets not forget they stood up against the mighty Aussies and Proteas as well. Let’s not forget that not everyone is as consistent as Rayudu (remember my love for him during the IPL for consistently proving his worth for tests while batting in a T20 game?), but they have been wrongly judged out as well. Gauti struggled too, but spare a thought for him, he has made a comeback after a long break from International Cricket. Clearly he missed the balls coming in to him and that’s a crime but then it isn’t his fault that he doesn’t represent CSK in the IPL like Sir. Please give him another chance too.

And last but not the least, Imagine the pain it would be causing The Wall himself, to see the men he is mentoring get out to a part time offie. I wish he would announce his comeback from retirement to show these Gen X boys what it means to stand and defend because he alone is capable of standing there for more than 90 overs, bared by the superb Indian batting order in 2 innings at Manchester.

To sum it up, I don’t believe that in the weeks time before the next game starts, not even the God himself can suddenly teach the men in blue how to bat, but what we can teach them is to believe in themselves and to bounce back, to shrug off that tag which says ‘Heroes at Home, Zeroes Abroad’.

Some of the realistic problem areas are listed and analyzed here basis last few years of Test matches played by Team India.

Images Courtesy: post.jagran.com; NDTV Sports


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